Safety Tips While Bicycling

Bicycling is both great exercise and very economical. Other than the cost of the bike and riding gear it is relatively inexpensive, especially in these tough economic times, which have seen the cost of fuel skyrocket. It can also be a very dangerous activity. The rider is at the mercy of bigger, faster, stronger vehicles on the roads. If you find yourself involved in an accident contact an Seattle DUI Attorney.

Here are a few tips for protecting yourself while on your bicycle.

  • Follow traffic signals precisely
  • Keep your bike well maintained
  • Wear a properly-fitting helmet
  • Follow traffic laws and use hand signals
  • Ride on the right side of the road, ride with traffic, not against it, and pass on the left
  • If there is a designated bicycle lane, use it
  • Be visible — wear brightly colored clothing, proper footwear (no flip flops please!), sunglasses, and clothes that are not too baggy (baggy trousers can get caught in the bike chain
  • Use light reflectors when riding at night and wear reflective clothing at night or bright neon colors
  • Be aware of any hazards in your area
  • Be aware of other drivers and your surroundings at all times
  • Watch for turning vehicles and vehicles exiting driveways
  • Watch for opening doors on parked cars
  • Do not carry packages that can obstruct your view or interfere with your control of the bike
  • Do not carry packages that prevent you from keeping both hands on the handlebars
  • Do not wear a headset or earplugs while riding-it is a needless distraction
  • Do not carry other passengers unless the bicycle has a seat securely attached to it for each passenger

Bikers who take precautions are involved in fewer accidents. More safety tips can be found at Washington State DOT’s website. Make sure your ride is a safe one. Discover more about DUI plea deals here.

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